Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Red Letter Days

Whether it's a special occasion and you need to dress up for it, or it's just a regular day in your life, and you want something that means business but with feminine wiles, we're pretty sure we've got just the thing for you! Check out what's new in store!

Starting on your left, a shift dress in red crepe w/ obi belt paired with a bib neckpiece by Chris Diaz. You can choose to go minimalist and just wear the dress by itself. It's a heart stopping number that can turn up the heat, without baring it all.

Next is a figure flattering shift dress in black & white crepe that creates the illusion of a tiny waist. Seen here paired with a neckpiece w/ lace and keys by Joel Escober.

Our guys will look seriously dapper with this men's jacket, shirt, and bow-tie by Randy Ortiz. Pair this with snazzy khakis and wear oxfords without socks to make it casual and young.

And how amazing is this dress in pink cotton w/ Leather Cut-outs by Noel Crisostomo (see above). It's just a sight to behold! What more when YOU wear it!

A simple shift dress in black crepe w/ shoulder and bottom slash detail won't be so simple when paired with a statement neckpiece by Chris Diaz.

A shift dress in magenta crepe paired with an embellished leather belt from Chris Diaz makes for an ornately smashing combination.

See, it's quite easy to get dressed for red letter days, when you get your fix at Myth!

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