Tuesday, December 7, 2010

MYTH turns Three!

Three years ago to this day, Jayjay and I brought to life our dream of creating a store that celebrated Filipino talent. That dream was MYTH.

We had always wondered about the proliferation of European and even Asian brands in the malls, while there was a lack of presence from our local designers. Together with Randy Ortiz (our creative director), we decided (in one night!) to put together a compelling list of artists chosen for their creativity and pioneering designs.

Our initial roster was like a powerhouse of Filipino talent: Randy, Dennis Lustico, Doltz Pilar, Henri Calayag, Ivarluski Aseron, Jing Monis, Joey Samson and Jojie Lloren. A few years later, Jojie, Dennis, and Doltz left our stable, and young foreign-educated designers Mich Dulce and Vanessa Ang briefly found a home in MYTH. Today, joining Randy, Henri, Ivar, Jing and Joey are: Chris Diaz, Francis Libiran, Joel Escober, Louis Claparols, Noel Crisostomo, and Tweetie de Leon. We've also launched our very own in-house label, eponymously called MYTH, and designed for us by Noel Crisostomo.

And we intend to add more and do more as we discover and uncover Filipino designers who are a class of their own.

As we turn three, we've put up this blog so you can join us in this journey of discovery, zooming our eyes on Filipino craftsmanship and artisan skills. Visit us too, for updates on fashion, beauty and lifestyle must-haves that best complement our pieces at MYTH. And of course, consider this a venue to share with us your love and passion for Filipino design.