Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Accessory Designer Yekky Balingit - Holiday 2013 Collection at MYTH SOON!

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Yekky Balingit graduated with a degree in Fine Arts, Major in Advertising in FEU Manila. After a year of searching for the perfect job, he became a Wedding Layout Graphic Artist for a year then was hired as a Visual Merchandising Artist for CELINE in 2006.

Felt the need to create something different (bored of the early setup and late night shifts from Visual Merchandising) Yekky started blogging in 2009 - mainly about fashion and everyday stance while simultaneously creating his first few pieces, made of left over fabrics, for himself. 

It was born on the era of DIY, out of curiosity and prickling hands. Spontaneous, asymmetrical, peculiar and elaborate would be the perfect words to describe his label. 

As of writing, Yekky now carries two distinct design forms. One is meticulously wired bushes adorned in the most delicate glass crystals that mimics his passion and love for nature while the other is made of plexi-glass - bending over the symmetry of industrial design. Each form caters to two different niche markets that love the raw aesthetic of the brand.

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