Tuesday, May 3, 2011

In the Press: Metro Magazine, May 2011

 On the Front Cover - sleeveless dress in Pleated Satin by Chris Diaz only at MYTH

Dress in Thai Silk w/ Leather Belt and Strap by Noel Crisostomo at MYTH

  Long Dress in Blue Green Satin w/ Appliqués, Long Dress in Royal Blue Tulle w/ Ostrich Spikes, Tube Dress in Yellow Taffeta - all by Joel Escober at MYTH

On Bryan - Men's L/S Polo by Randy Ortiz at MYTH and Men's Coat in Printed Denim by Francis Libiran for Myth

 On Samantha - Dress by Joel Escober at MYTH, On A.J. - Men's L/S Polo by Randy Ortiz at MYTH

On Christian - Men's L/S Button-down Shirt by Randy Ortiz at MYTH

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