Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Meet our Creative Director: Randy Ortiz

Our Creative Director, Randy Ortiz,  is a fashion favorite. Not just amongst fashion enthusiasts, but with socialites and A-list actresses as well.

In a feature by Isha Andaya of, she says Randy's "combination of business sense and artistry has made him one of the country's most admired designers."

At MYTH, Randy is responsible for conceptualizing the store's changing collections, encompassing clothing, art, and lifestyle products.

While he continues to produce his trademark dresses and suits for his select clientele, MYTH has become home to Randy Ortiz Purple Label - composed of men's shirts and trousers, bow ties and jackets: well as women's dresses and leather accessories.

If you've always wanted something from Randy Ortiz, but at a pret-a-porter price, then we are sure you would love his Purple Label line, available exclusively at MYTH.

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